Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Juice for Breakfast

I'm a pretty healthy person. I focus most meals on fruits and vegetables and make an effort to eat more fat at the beginning of the day versus the end. I try to eat all colors of the rainbow daily, occasionally cheating with a blue Starburst since natural and nutritional forms of blue are extremely hard to find. This morning I had my first bottle of green juice instead of the usual decaf latte with a cupcake or bagel. The ingredients read: romaine, celery, cucumber, kale (what is this?), parsely (in a juice!?), green apple, spinach, and lemon. It tasted like most would imagine..grass in a bottle. One juice down, 17 to go!


  1. Ohhh that seems like a rough one to start with for the AM... does it have you drinking the thicker/heavier ones in the AM to make the hunger subside or at night to sleep w/o cravings?
    Are you feeling hungry at all or the same way you would after your normal breakfast?

  2. Thanks for your support! You guys are grrr-eat! Juice #1, 3, & 5 are the same green juice blend that I mention above. The even juices are more fun and satisfying in flavor. The thickest juice is the last (probably to help catch some z's), cashew looks a lot like milk.