Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's My Diet and I'm Sticking to It

It is day two of the cleanse and I'm refreshed, energized, and ready for the day. Surprisingly, I'm not the least bit hungry. The juices are a calculated balance of vitamins and minerals I need to cleanse but also feel good throughout the day. I have had all the juice varieties and know what to expect, now the approach is repetition. My goal for the day is to drink more water between juices than I did yesterday.


  1. Better, I'm meeting a bud for a movie but I'll drop by the liquor shop after. =)

  2. Well I was referring to pictures of the juices ;-)

    And you didn't stop by last night anyway!

  3. Ohhh, I was about to say..this isn't plastic surgery so the before and after pics would most probably look the same. I only have one bottle of juice left but check out the website for juice pics and the nutritional info.

    I promise I'll stop by one of these days!